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Why, oh why, oh why, oh why?

…do otherwise fit, healthy, active and productive young adults such as Marcus get cancer (in his case, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia) in the first place?

…isn’t more being done to prevent wholly innocent youngsters from being diagnosed with cancer which at best seriously curtails their ability to live, or at worst robs them of their precious young lives?

… is there so much emphasis on expensive, gruelling and painful ‘treatment and cure’ procedures - which are largely and tragically unsuccessful - when far more effort, research, manpower and investment should surely be going into cancer prevention?

…are we failing to put maximum effort into declaring all-out war on and killing the cancer that is killing kids?

The medical world cannot (or will not) adequately answer these and related questions.

That’s why the small but fast-growing Marcus Rutherford Foundation/Young Adult Cancer Trust is determined to work with those inside and outside the global health industry, Governments, research institutes and others to get the answers…plus the more successful outcomes that are desperately required.

As the Marcus Rutherford Foundation home page prominently states, the foundation’s goal is to do (more and different) research into the causes of cancer, while at the same time offering a little help to those 20-somethings and late teens cruelly and indiscriminately affected by it.

Are you in a position to offer expertise, direct/indirect help, or assistance to the Marcus Rutherford Foundation’s potentially life-saving cause?

If so, please contact the Marcus Rutherford Foundation/Young Adult Cancer Trust.

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