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What the Marcus Rutherford Foundation has given in 2012-2013 to some young adults in need on the cancer & bone marrow transplant wards at University College London Hospital and elsewhere...

• Regular supplies of cheques and cash gifts, plus DVDs, books, CDs, magazines, etc

• A laptop computer and much-needed funds for a 21 year old patient with a terminal illness

• Long-term assistance and financial help to a young man returning to university after battling cancer for years and undergoing a gruelling bone marrow transplant operation in late 2012

• Funding for a recovering female cancer patient who is bravely seeking part-time employment

• Hats and other headgear for young adults who lose their hair….and confidence

• Internet access which is not available to many young people on cancer wards

• Mobile phones, phone cards and SIM cards

• Portable audio and video devices –from MP4s to portable TVs and DVD players

• Practical advice and professional help

• Specialist foods and drinks. Many patients living on cancer wards or transplant units and bravely fighting for their lives need healthier food sent in – usually at their own expense


In addition to the above, the Marcus Rutherford Foundation/Young Adult Cancer Trust has:

• Presented 33 x £100 cheques to 33 patients during the Christmas/New Year Period

• Given gift-wrapped presents to countless other patients

• Arranged a passport for a patient needing to travel overseas for life-saving treatment

• Arranged a VIP day out and funding for a young girl with leukaemia

• Assisted at the highest level (via a presentation of Marcus’s words, pictures and short films) a major national charity in raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for a much needed home from home facility. Marcus’s Foundation sees none of this money, and is delighted to see it go direct to the home

• Had discussions with leading medical experts at top cancer centres in South Korea & the USA

• Opened dialogue with leading doctors and other medical professionals in the UK (some of them know Marcus) regarding research studies into the causes of cancer in young adults

• Purchased high quality furniture, lighting, etc for the central London home from home facility where Marcus’s lived between July 2011 and February 2012 when he passed away

• Promoted Rutherfest and Rochester Battle of the Bands, events celebrating Marcus and his music, while at the same time trying to raise more help and funds for young adults in need

• Started researching the causes of cancer in young, otherwise fit teens and 20-somethings

• Stuck to its promise of spending only a small amount (less than 10 per cent) of monies received on office accommodation, administration, printing, postage, travel costs, legal costs, etc. The remaining 90 per cent-plus goes direct to young adult cancer patients (or their carers)

• Arranged the first Marcus Rutherford Foundation fund-raising night to be staged at Marcus’s favourite Italian restaurant - with the money raised going to direct to patients

• Taken the first steps to ensure that more young adults are screened for cancer before they leave school, or when they start college, university education, or work

• Talked on local, national and international BBC programmes about the real and tragic problems faced by often forgotten young adults with cancer

• Repeated the promise that 90 per cent-plus of all monies received by the Marcus Rutherford Foundation/Young Adult Cancer Trust will go direct to patients in their late teens/early twenties (or their carers), and less than 10 per cent will be spent on administration, IT, printing, postage, legal fees, transport costs etc. Everyone involved in the day to day running of the Marcus Rutherford Foundation/Young Adult Cancer Trust is a volunteer in the true sense of the word


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